Data Security

Protect your personal information and internet activity

Privacy Plus Software

Protects your personal information and internet activity from cybercriminals, hackers and others spying on you. Use it to securely store information and send email, store passwords and anonymously navigate online anywhere, anytime and with any device:

Secure Data Vault

Store, share and access important documents like medical records, financial records, travel itineraries, passports or anything else that requires protection.

  • Your information is protected using military grade encryption, under the same laws that govern the Swiss banking industry.
  • Transferring paper documents to your data vault is easy as taking a picture and uploading them.

Secure Email Account

Send email securely without worrying about others accessing the content or files included in your emails.

  • Emails are scanned for viruses and you can require a passcode for another party to open your email.
  • Easily set-up access to email from a computer or any smart phone.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This secure web tool protects data like credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, and more while you are online or away from your device.

  • Use public wi-fi hotspots securely to post on social media, shop online, etc.
  • Surf sites discreetly and anonymously – our program masks user’s true

IP address, ensuring internet activities remain private and confidential. Using this tool will prevent Internet Service Providers from selling your browsing history.

Password Manager

Makes it easy to use a strong and unique password for every website.

  • By remembering a master password, this tool will automatically fill in your unique username and password on any login screen.
  • All information stored is encrypted and decrypted locally, thus data is never transmitted without being fully secured.
  • If your device is lost or stolen, download the application to a new device, enter your master password, and your information will sync within seconds

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