Global Emergency Services

Most of us travel without knowing where to turn during a medical emergency away from home. But Assist America provides you with peace of mind for worry-free travel, knowing you are protected by an array of powerful assistance resources 24-7, anywhere in the world. The following benefits are available to Association Members at no additional cost when traveling 100 or more miles from home:
    • Medical ConsultationAssist America’s 24/7 Operations Center is staffed by trained, multilingual assistance personnel who can make immediate recommendations for any emergency situation.
    • Foreign Hospital Admission AssistanceAssist America fosters prompt hospital admission by validating the member’s health insurance.
    • Emergency Medical EvacuationIf appropriate care is not available, Assist America will safely evacuate the member to the nearest qualified medical facility.
    • Medical RepatriationWhen a member is medically cleared for travel, Assist America arranges and pays for repatriation home or to a specified medical or rehabilitation facility via commercial transportation with medical supervision, as required.
    • Prescription AssistanceWhen a prescription is lost or left behind, Assist America works with the prescribing physician and a local pharmacy to replace the member’s medicine.
    • Compassionate VisitAssist America will arrange and pay for a family member or a friend to join a member who is traveling alone and is expected to be hospitalized for more than seven days.
    • Care of Minor ChildrenIf an injured member has minor children left unattended, Assist America will pay for them to return home to a family member, or will arrange childcare locally or at home.
    • Return of Mortal Remains In the event that a member passes away, Assist America will arrange and pay for the required documents, preparation of the remains and transport to a funeral home near the member’s place of residence.

Many other services are available, including emergency trauma counseling, legal referrals and much more.

Call Assist America in the event of an emergency. All services must be arranged and provided by Assist America. No claims for reimbursement will be accepted.

All services must be arranged and provided by Assist America. No claims for reimbursement of assistance services will be accepted. Assist America pays for all the transportation services it arranges. Requests for reimbursement for medical transport or other services arranged independently by the member will not be accepted. Assist America is not responsible for the cost of medical treatments and other non-medical services received by the member upon a referral made by Assist America.

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