4 Tips to Letting Go (And Taking Your Time Back)

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Do you often feel like your “time tank” is running on empty? The constant stream of work meetings, errands, family responsibilities, and unexpected disruptions can easily lead to frustration, exhaustion, and high levels of stress. To regain control and find more enjoyment in life, consider these four effective tips for managing your time.

Let go of tasks that others can do.

If you are one of those people who say, “I can do it better and faster myself,” take a step back and think about the development of those around you. When you take the time to show others a task and they master it, not only did you get something off your plate, you helped someone else add to their skill set and feel good about their accomplishment.

Let go of your need to say “yes” every time.

Whether in your professional or personal life, it’s crucial to be mindful of the commitments you take on. Before saying yes to the next project, fundraiser, committee, or any other activities, consider the impact it will have on your time. Take a step back and evaluate how you currently allocate your time, and identify areas where you can let go and reduce your stress levels. By being selective and letting go of certain obligations, you can create more space and balance in your life.

Let go of the clutter.

Princeton University neuroscientists have discovered that a cluttered desk at work or a disorganized closet at home can be mentally distracting. These excess items in your surroundings can adversely affect your ability to concentrate and effectively process information. Moreover, the time wasted searching for things in a messy environment adds to your inefficiency. To counter this, declutter and organize your surroundings. By clearing out the excess and establishing an organized system, you can create a more conducive environment for focus and productivity.

Let go of the time wasters.

We are well aware of how social media, email, and television can consume a significant amount of our time. While it’s important to take occasional breaks, it’s essential to set and adhere to time limits for these activities.

If you find the areas in your day where you can “let go,” you will start creating time reserves to focus on the important things in life and enjoy yourself more.