Alliance Job Creation Survey


A recent article noted that “the Senate Finance Committee is enlisting the small-business group Alliance for Affordable Services to survey its members for possible legislative remedies to combat double-digit unemployment numbers that are plaguing the economy.”

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More than 1,000 members responded to the recent legislative survey and many of you voiced strong opinions about recent government actions and issues currently under debate in Congress.

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Question 1

Please rank the following proposals intended to provide small-business owners with incentives to either hire additional employees or maintain the existing number of employees.

Please rank the group of proposals selecting “1” for the proposal with your highest level of support and “5” for the proposal with your lowest level of support.


Question 2

The Senate Finance Committee is considering a health tax legislative provision. Currently, there is a provision for businesses with 25 or fewer employees that offers significant tax credits – in the form of an Income Tax Credit – for paying a portion of employee medical expenses. Because many businesses are experiencing declining income, legislators are considering changing the Income Tax Credit to a Payroll Tax Credit. Would you support or oppose this change?


Results are based on findings procured in a December 2009 Survey of the Alliance for Affordable Services Membership. The survey was sent to all active members with an email address on file. At the time this data was obtained, there were 1,030 total responses.