Alliance Members Weigh In on Legislative Topics


The Alliance Annual Survey gave members the opportunity to share their feedback on various topics including these key legislative issues.

Question 1

The “Bush Tax Cuts” are set to expire at the end of this year for all taxpayers unless the President and Congress extend them. This means that all income tax rates, dividend rates, and capital gains tax rates will increase for all taxpayers beginning in 2013. Do you support or oppose extending the “Bush Tax Cuts” for one year, so that tax rates do not increase?


Question 2

Congress and the President are planning to raise the Federal Debt Ceiling (federal borrowing limit) again by the beginning of 2013 by as much as $3 trillion or more. What is your position on raising the Federal Debt Ceiling?


The small business owners who responded to the survey ranked the concerns facing their business in the following order:

1. Taxes2. Health Care Regulation3. Access to Capital4. Regulatory Environment – Federal/State

When these same business owners were asked if they plan to hire employees, lay off employees, or leave their workforce unchanged over the next year, the majority responded that they will leave their workforce unchanged.


In addition to providing Members with an opportunity to voice their opinions, the Alliance Legislative Advocacy Program provides access to tools that make it easier to contact elected officials on both a state and federal level.