Benefits of Nutritional Counseling

March 21, 2022

If you want to discover the real facts on achieving your health goals, you’ll need to speak with an expert. Licensed nutrition professionals offer a therapeutic approach to help you make positive changes in your health and well-being – and now, you won’t even need to walk out your front door. 

Five Benefits of Nutritional Counseling

1. Manage Your Chronic Conditions

If you suffer from high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and other chronic conditions, you can gain better control of your health through regular nutritional counseling. Since the foods you eat every day can have a huge impact on your body and overall wellness, choosing more nourishing foods can help you deal with and potentially overcome these conditions altogether.  

2. Lose Weight – the Healthy Way

When people take their weight loss into their own hands without proper guidance, they often find themselves struggling to lose the weight and keep it off for good. But with an accredited nutrition counselor guiding your weight loss journey, you can gain a much better understanding of how your body works and what it needs to get in the best shape. 

By carefully monitoring and evaluating your eating habits, your nutrition counselor can design a plan to ensure long-lasting positive changes in your weight loss. People who use nutrition counseling when trying to lose weight tend to lose more weight and keep it off longer compared to those who go it alone. 

3. Build Better Habits

A major factor in why people struggle with poor health, chronic conditions, and weight gain has to do with their daily habits. Making poor choices concerning what and when you eat, whether or not you exercise regularly and generally take care of your body and mind can lead to serious long-term health consequences.

Making drastic changes to your diet overnight can definitely lead to short-term weight loss and better health, but if you don’t develop better habits, those benefits won’t last. Nutrition counseling provides expert advice on how you can achieve those benefits and make changes in your life to ensure you stay on the path of good health and wellbeing. 

4. Increase Your Overall Wellness

When you work with a nutrition counselor, they’ll take everything about you into consideration. Their goal isn’t to simply see you lose weight and achieve a better physique – they want to help you achieve true wellness. This means you can experience better moods, stronger concentration, a healthier immune system, better sleep, and fewer symptoms of disease. 

5. Achieve Higher Levels of Fitness 

Eating better and lifting weights may put you on a path to better health, but a nutrition counselor can help lead you to even higher levels of success in your fitness program. You’ll learn exactly what your body needs without having to undergo the often frustrating period of trial and error many fitness explorers go through. Your counselor can even recommend personalized fitness programs to help you reach your specific goals. 

Details of Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling can tremendously benefit people who want to get and stay healthy but haven’t seen much success on their own. You’ll gain a clear idea of how your body reacts to the foods you eat and how to create a long-term health plan that promotes weight loss and overall wellness – all from the comfort of your home.

With Virtual Nutritional Counseling through Teladoc, you have access to nutritional counseling quickly and affordably online. Your virtual counselor will be an accredited and registered dietitian as opposed to traditional nutritionists and wellness coaches. They’ll work closely with you to learn more about your specific goals and objectives, then they’ll try to gain a better understanding about your lifestyle, stress levels, sleep quality, energy levels, and how much physical activity you perform each day.

Teladoc virtual counselors will assess your unique clinical nutrition needs and create personalized programs in line with the latest science-based nutrition guidelines. Once they understand your situation and specific goals, they’ll create a health program designed completely with your body, mind, and lifestyle in mind. The details of your personalized nutrition program will include:

  •  Nutritional guidance, determining what you need to increase your energy, strengthen your immune system, boost your mood, improve sleep quality, enhance concentration, and reduce disease symptoms. 
  • Meal plans based on your specific dietary needs. 
  • Shopping guides and much more.

New Benefits for Alliance Members in 2022

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