Career Education Grant Program Starts Strong

December 11, 2017

Career Education Grant Program Starts Strong

Building on the successful Alliance Scholarship program supporting college-bound students, a new Career Education Grant offers members and their dependents an opportunity to receive financial assistance when they pursue higher education by attending a trade or technical school rather than the traditional college campus.

There is a talent shortage for skilled trade workers and technicians, according to a recent Manpower Group survey, despite continuing unemployment issues in the U.S. Alliance targeted this high-skilled worker need by introducing the Career Education Grant program.

For 2012, a total of 45 applicants were awarded a one-time $1,000 Career Education Grant to use toward enrollment and attendance in an accredited trade or technical program. “We are very pleased with the response to the grant program’s first year,” says Paul Pevsner, M.D., president of Alliance for Affordable Services. “Alliance believes that higher education, in whatever field, is a tremendous advantage towards success.”

Applications for the upcoming 2013 program year will be available starting in January.

Click here for more details about the Career Education Grant.

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