Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind Benefits from Alliance Donation

Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind Benefits from Alliance Donation

The Alliance for Affordable Services and Congressman Pete Sessions recently donated computers and equipment to the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind. Dr. Paul Pevsner, president of the Alliance for Affordable Services joined Congressman Sessions at the Lighthouse’s Dallas headquarters to announce the donation and tour the facility.

The computers and equipment will be used to help the Lighthouse carry out its mission of training and employing visually impaired individuals so they can live independently.

During the tour, visiting members of Alliance and Congressman Sessions saw Lighthouse employees manufacturing goods that are sold to military, federal, state and commercial customers.

The Lighthouse currently has 240 trained employees through the manufacturing division and business services workers at two full-service mail rooms for the IRS and a national call center for the Center for Medicaid Services. This makes the Dallas Lighthouse the largest employer of the blind and visually impaired in North Texas; and they hold an employee retention rate 65% greater than the national average.

“Supporting small businesses and furthering education are important objectives for Alliance,” stated Dr. Paul Pevsner, “so it is great to see a training program like this that keeps Americans employed and producing quality goods right here in the United States.”

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Though recent cut-backs caused by sequestration have taken a toll on the facility’s ability to expand and employ more people with disabilities, they have not let it lessen their resolve to continue helping others in the community.

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