Skilled Labor in America

December 6, 2017

skilled worker

As more and more baby-boomers are approaching retirement age, the need for skilled labor workers increases to replace them. To meet this growing need, the Alliance introduced the Career Education Grant Program in 2012, further expanding its support of higher education in America.

Looking at America’s manufacturing industry as an example, recent process automation is leading companies to look for workers with a different skill set, those possessing the necessary technical and computer skills to fill new job descriptions. Alliance Members and their dependents that prefer to pursue an occupation that requires advanced skills training or to start an apprenticeship to acquire journeyman level skills now have tuition assistance available through the Alliance.The Career Education Grant program provides $1,000 tuition grants to Alliance Members and their dependents when they attend an accredited two-year trade or technical school program. In the past five years, the grant program has provided students tuition assistance totaling $65,000.

The goal of the Alliance educational programs is to promote the success of Americans and provide them greater opportunities through education. If you are interested in acquiring a trade or pursuing a career requiring an advanced skill set, click here to learn more about the Alliance Career Education Grant Program and how it might help you.

The Alliance wishes to congratulate the following 2016 Career Education Grant Program recipients and applauds the pursuit of their career goals.

2016 Career Education Grant Program Recipients

  • Brandy Braya
  • Demarkas Braya
  • Leah Clouser
  • Shauna Longshore
  • Arielle Maitin

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