Skilled Workers Get Support

December 8, 2017

Skilled Workers Get Support

According to U.S. economic conditions released in the Federal Reserve’s mid-year survey, the demand for skilled workers remains high. Competition for high-skilled employees has created pressure to increase salaries in specific fields including engineering, information technology, professional services, and skilled trades such as construction.

Alliance recognized the need to prepare for these types of job opportunities and, in 2012, introduced the Career Education Grant Program. This program offers Alliance members access to awards of a one-time $1,000 grant to use toward enrollment and attendance in an accredited trade or technical two-year program.

Alliance President Dr. Paul Pesvner said, “There are different pathways to success in life. Alliance wants to offer members assistance in their pursuit of higher education, whether that is at a traditional 4-year college campus or a qualified 2-year skilled worker program.”

There were four awards granted for the 2014 Career Education Grant Program year. Alliance would like to recognize and congratulate the following participants:

  • Grant S., Indiana
  • Sondra S., Kansas
  • Kristin T., Massachusetts
  • Mirianne G., South Carolina

For more information about the Career Education Grant Program and the dates for Alliance Members to apply, please click here .

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