Spring Break Safety

December 8, 2017

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Whether you’re planning a Spring Break getaway or any other travel adventure, Alliance is here to assist you with valuable safety tips provided by Assist America, renowned global travel experts. These guidelines are beneficial to keep in mind for any trip you embark on.

  • Choose a hotel room on a floor between the second and sixth levels for optimal safety. Prioritize rooms located near fire exits and stairwells in case of emergency. Keep in mind that ground floor rooms are more vulnerable to break-ins, and rooms higher than the sixth floor may be difficult to reach in case of a fire.
  • If a safe is provided in your room, use it for any valuables. Keep doors and sliding doors locked, and don’t let anyone into your room unless you know them.
  • Visit the ATM in groups during daylight hours and first make a full 360 degree scan to look for any suspicious activity. While punching in your PIN, use your other hand to cover the keypad.
  • Don’t be a lobster – use at least SPF 15 sunscreen and reapply often. Pay extra attention to ears, nose, face and shoulders. If you are fair skinned, consider adding a hat and avoid exposure during the hottest hours of the sun’s rays. You can burn even when it is cloudy.
  • Alcohol can have intensified effects when combined with sun exposure, so be mindful if you choose to drink while on the beach. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Drinking and driving is always a dangerous situation, so avoid this by pre-planning your designated driver for your outing or take a cab back to the hotel.
  • When going out with friends, make sure to return together for added safety. Stay vigilant for signs of predatory drugs, such as excessive drowsiness, confusion, difficulty standing, and slurred speech. If you observe these symptoms, either return to the hotel or seek medical attention if the symptoms are severe.

Alliance Members can make one call to Assist America for assistance with any medical emergency you might experience traveling 100 miles or more from home or in another country. Assist America has physicians, nurses and emergency medical technicians on staff and on call 24 hours a day, as well as medically certified, multi-lingual staff. Whenever you make a call, you are assured of immediate expert consultation about the best course of action for your emergency.

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