You deserve better benefits.

One low price protects the whole family with Roadside Assistance, 24/7 Doctor Access and more

roadside assistance

Car troubles are a thing of the past

24/7 roadside assistance –  find the nearest provider and get fast reimbursement right from our app

24 hour doctor access

Easy Doctor Access 24/7 from Anywhere

Access board-certified physicians in minutes via phone, web or app

global emergency services

Peace of Mind When Traveling Abroad

24/7 global emergency assistance, including medical transport

Choose the plan that fits your needs.

Get our top benefits in the Value Plan or upgrade to the Plus Plan.

Value Plan

  • The Alliance Value Plan offers families our most popular and valuable health and personal benefits at an extremely affordable price.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • 24/7 Doctor Access
  • and more great benefits
  • MOST POPULAR Less than $15 a month

Plus Plan

  • The Alliance Plus Plan includes all of the top Alliance Value Plan benefits and adds over 50 additional valuable benefits you can use every day.
  • Health Benefits and Savings
  • Small Business Benefits
  • Personal Savings
  • Individual $30/month & Family $45/month

group of workers standing in an office

Why the Alliance?

Let our group purchasing power work for you.

Since 1981, the Alliance has been using its group buying power to provide businesses, individuals and families with affordable access to health, travel and education benefits.

Alliance Membership provides access to a variety of personal, professional and health care benefits that help members and their families save money. Whether it's a medical emergency or preventive health care, travel discounts or legal services, Alliance Direct Benefits can help you get the most for your money.

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roadside assistance

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