7 Tips for Finding a Doctor While On Vacation

April 19, 2022

Each year, about 411 billion Americans go on vacation. While vacation is seen as a time of fun, sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen. You might be stressed out and overwhelmed trying to find a doctor where you’re currently vacationing. While it might seem tricky, it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on finding a doctor while on vacation today. 

1. A Doctor Search 

This depends on whether you’re overseas or local. If you’re abroad, you can check U.S. embassies and consulates for information. 

When you’re sick on vacation, check websites that have American citizen service links. You can check these for physicians and hospitals. You could also search for a list of international hospitals in your current location.

2. Check With Your Plan

Whether you’re looking for doctors in other states or abroad, some insurance companies will offer you doctor access 24/7. Check the app, website, or call. For emergencies, some insurance plans offer medical transport. 

Even if you wind up not having an emergency, it’s better to be safe. Having a travel insurance plan will protect you and your family in case something does happen. It could help you avoid a doctor’s visit overseas putting you or your family member in debt. 

3. Online Visits & Telemedicine

In the virtual age, some hospitals and doctor’s offices will allow you to have a virtual visit. Whether you’re experiencing something minor such as an earache, headache, etc.

Doctors could be able to send you a prescription right to the pharmacy, especially if you’re still in the U.S. Some even offer you counseling or nutritional support right through chat. 

No matter where you are in the world, finding medical help when traveling has never been easier! You can speak with a doctor right from your location. No having to be in a waiting room or worrying about getting to a doctor’s office.

It allows parents to stay with their children and receive a quick diagnosis. You can even receive prescriptions from your pharmacy of choice.  Telemedicine Plans like the Alliance Value Plan let you access a board-certified physician within minutes right from the app, web, or phone with 24/7 access. When kids are sick while traveling it’ll be much easier to speak to a doctor through the app than having to bring them to an unknown doctor’s office. 

4. Ask Locals

When you’re looking to find a doctor while traveling, consider asking a local. This is especially useful in emergency situations. If there’s no one that you trust in the area, consider asking the staff where you’re staying. 

5. Online Reviews

Google allows you to translate several websites with ease. This allows you to read reviews and information about doctors in the area. You might want to steer clear of a doctor who has many low reviews.

Be aware of the country’s information in regards to medical tourism. Understand the doctor’s reputation, qualifications, and training before you pick them. 

6. Through Apps

Some insurance companies will have apps to make it easy for you to find a doctor while you’re traveling. They’ll have a directory of doctors who speak English. Whether you’re looking for virtual, local, or house calls, apps help. 

Air Doctor will help you find a doctor fast while traveling. Just be sure that the doctor you choose is covered by your insurance. 

Air Doctor makes it convenient to book appointments fast. You could also find specialized doctors. 

7. Plan Ahead

Take a look at the plan and see what it does and doesn’t cover. It might not cover risky activities such as scuba diving.

If that’s the case, medical bills could wrack up fast after an unsafe activity. Some other examples include hiking and kayaking. 

Research the medical services in the area where you’re going on vacation. Try to find appropriate doctors in advance in case of an emergency.

Check with your insurance plan in advance to see what doctors will be covered. Some doctors won’t see you until they receive a direct payment approval.

You might need this sent before you even head to the doctor. Consular affairs has a great traveler’s checklist

Be Prepared

Have the information of your insurance company ready as you travel. Have the app on your phone, the phone number, and any other contact information. Keep all paperwork and receipts from all medical visits out of state or overseas. 

Know Your Medications

Know your medications and have a medication list handy for emergencies. They’ll want to know the name of the medication, how often you take it, and at what dose. 

In case of an emergency, bring an adequate supply of your medication. An extra few days’ worth of medication should do the trick. Always keep them in their original packaging with their label. 

Check with the foreign embassy before you travel. Some medications might not be allowed in the country that you’re considering. 

Have Proof of Insurance

Have proof of insurance. Some doctors won’t see you without this. Once an accident occurs, you’ll want to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. 

Check Insurance

Check with your insurance to see if you’ll be covered abroad. If you’re not, you might want to consider travel insurance. Without it, you’ll be expected to pay out of pocket. 

Consider Vaccinations

Consider receiving recommended vaccinations before your trip to protect yourself and your family. Check country information since each country may or may not have vaccine recommendations. 

Special Considerations

Think about special considerations such as countries with Malaria and other potential problems. You’ll want to keep bug spray and consider a vaccine. 

Consider the age of those traveling, if they’re pregnant, have a disability, etc. As you travel, be careful what foods and drinks you consume. Wash your hands throughout the day.

Ideas on Finding a Doctor on Vacation

After exploring this guide on finding a doctor while on vacation, you should have a better idea of what to expect. It’s best to have a plan like the Alliance Value Plan that covers you while you’re traveling. You never know what tomorrow brings. 

Join Alliance Direct Benefits if you’re ready to get started. From identity theft resolution to 24/7 access to a real doctor on the phone, you can protect the whole family while traveling for less than $15/month.