How Telemedicine Can Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

January 19, 2022

The New Standard in Workers’ Comp

In recent years, businesses have had to search for more efficient ways to keep their workers healthy – both on and off the job. Since workers’ compensation has only gotten more complex as businesses deal with the global pandemic, finding alternatives to traditional healthcare has become far more urgent.

Now, telemedicine has garnered the attention of the workers’ compensation industry. With telemedicine, employers can use on-site digital technologies to make medical care available for their workers, connecting them to doctors and specialists through desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This new form of modern medicine promises to both cut healthcare costs for businesses and promote better health outcomes for employees.

Growth of Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has had to shift to meet the growing demand for more advanced technological offerings. Thus, telemedicine has grown significantly as patients and providers alike prefer remote consultations. According to recent surveys performed by workers’ compensation authorities, the use of telemedicine in the workplace has expanded dramatically since the start of the pandemic.

What started as simply a convenience or fringe offering for healthcare services has now become a standard delivery platform for consultations, physical therapy, and more. As the pandemic situation continues to develop, so too will telemedicine and its offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of the working population.

Benefits of Telemedicine and Workers’ Comp for Businesses

Time-Saving Appointments and Treatment

Most employers are required to provide some form of on-site triage, both for insurance purposes and for the health and safety of their workforce. Workers need access to prompt diagnoses for common issues like colds, flu, scrapes and cuts, etc. However, keeping a healthcare professional ready onsite at all times can be incredibly expensive. But with telemedicine, workers have immediate access to a physician or specialist who can accurately diagnose their illness or issue and can be prescribed appropriate treatments quickly and efficiently. 

Improved Healthcare Access for High-Risk Industries

If your business is in the construction industry or another physically challenging field that sees semi-frequent health issues in employees, having a telemedicine specialist “on-site” can be game-changing for non-emergency situations. If a minor injury occurs, their supervisor or safety officer can immediately set up a clinical consultation through telemedicine. Plus, they won’t have to take time off work for their appointments, which can potentially save you, your business, and your employees time and money.

Mental Health Care for Employees

As the stigma associated with mental health conditions decreases in our society, your workers may be more likely to seek psychological and emotional support from a specialist. Many people who would otherwise not wish to visit a mental health specialist from fear or anxiety will be more comfortable utilizing telemedicine through either video chat or text-based approaches to therapy and coaching. This means they can get the behavioral health assistance they need quickly and safely without worrying about their conditions worsening.

Help for Elderly and Rural Employees

Some patients will hold off on visiting a doctor’s office simply because they live too far from providers or are physically incapable of getting there on their own. But with telemedicine, they can speak to a doctor over the phone or through a device. Plus, being able to speak with a doctor remotely allows for better rest times that can expedite their recovery process.  As the workforce around the world continues to age, telemedicine for workers’ compensation may become an absolute necessity for employers to take advantage of.

Better Health Outcomes

The most important benefit of telemedicine is its efficacy. According to Claims Journal, telemedicine applications may lead to better care outcomes as well as lower long-term costs for employees and employers alike. Virtual physical therapy, for instance, requires zero travel time and ensures quick, direct access to specialists who can diagnose and recommend treatment programs in a HIPAA-compliant setting. Later, guaranteeing follow-up treatments for prescription refills and patient monitoring are as simple as logging back onto the service on a specified future date.

Provide Your Employees with Easy Doctor Access 24/7

Telemedicine has now become a crucial way for companies to cut their workers’ compensation costs. Additionally, employees are more satisfied with employers’ responses to their injuries and the treatment they receive.

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