Association Motor Plan (AMP) Roadside Assistance Reimbursement

Quick & Easy – No Waiting on a call center to find a service provider. Simply call the licensed provider of your choice anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico and use the convenient new AMP BAC, (Association Motor Plan Benefit Action Center) mobile app to upload the receipt for reimbursement consideration up to the covered amount!

The AMP benefit coverage is automatic for the primary Alliance Member, member’s spouse and dependents 16 years or older listed on the membership and is available to new members after the completion of the second full business day after the membership start date. 

The AMP benefit reimburses up to $125 per disablement for up to two (2) disablements per year for the following covered services provided by a licensed commercial garage, locksmith, or tow provider and is available after the completion of the second full business day after your membership start date.

Services include:
  • Towing
  • Jump Start
  • Lockout Service
  • Tire Change
  • Winching Out
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Delivery/installation of parts at the disablement site

Download the AMP BAC Mobile App! You can use the convenient Association Motor Plan Benefit Action Center mobile app to:

  • Find service providers close by with the GPS locator
  • Submit roadside assistance reimbursement requests w/ picture of receipt – in just a few clicks
  • Check the status of existing requests
  • To check local gas prices 
Covered Vehicles:

Services are for single rear-axle, two or more wheeled registered and licensed motor vehicles used for private, on-road transportation, including passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and light trucks. Trailers are covered for tire change service only.

Excluded from service are commercial vehicles, dirt bikes, and ATVs, and are not eligible for coverage. Vehicles that have been submerged in water or have been off-road and are not on a maintained roadway are not covered for Roadside Assistance. 

Roadside Benefits do not cover non-members who drive the Member’s vehicles.

Service Limitations and Exclusions: 

The Roadside Reimbursement benefit:

  • Is not available to new members until the completion of the second full business day after the membership start date. 
  • Does not provide for the cost of a tire, battery, parts, gasoline, or service while at an auto repair shop or service station or impound lot or towing to another location.
  • Is not intended to underwrite any business expense or substitute for regular vehicle maintenance. A service situation does not include installation or removal of chains or snow tires, service for an unlicensed vehicle, impounded vehicle, or a vehicle in unsafe condition. 
  • Does not cover acts of nature, such as flooding, hurricanes, or tornadoes. Client Members who are also owners, operators, or employees of a commercial garage, locksmith, car dealer or dealership, or tow truck may not use that company to provide service for themselves or others on their membership. Neither Safe Driver Motor Club nor Alliance is responsible for vehicle or property damage claims arising from the selected service provider. 

Benefit not available to Alaska residents.


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